Use Bird Tables & Bird Feeding Stations To Attract Wildlife Into Your Garden

bird tables ukUse bird tables to bring wild birds into your garden daily. View them up close feeding happily on wild bird food just like they do in nature. These feeding stations attract a wide variety of regular visits from all sizes of birds and are an excellent way of introducing wildlife into your daily life.

Recently we bought a window bird feeder and it’s better than TV! Watching a little Robin or a Nuthatch hopping onto the perch brings so much joy plus it is a splendid addition to the regular full sized feeders in the garden.

Using a mix of different designs of tables and feed stations can affect the types of birds you attract. Vary the feeding possibilities so that small birds can feed at smaller stations where the larger birds can’t access. This results in more even feeding and prevents the bigger birds from scaring away the smaller ones.

Placement of bird tables and feeding stations

To deter pesky squirrels and other creatures that you do not want feasting at your tables you may need to look into squirrel proof bird feeders.

squirrel proof bird feedersSquirrels can be a delight to see in our gardens especially if you’re lucky enough to play host to the rare Red Squirrel but there comes a time when squirrel proof bird feeders need to be used so that wild birds can rightfully enjoy “their” intended bird seed and food.

Rest assured that these intelligent creature will find a way to try and get food if it is within their reach so common sense dictates that you place regular bird feeders away from overhanging branches and trees plus far enough away for long leaps from above and below.

Squirrel proof bird feeders ensure the little birds can fly in and have a feed whilst keeping larger birds like pigeons away and usually on the ground cleaning up. Everybody wins, even the squirrel as they have their food “caches” buried away all around your garden no doubt!

If you notice a sudden drop off in bird numbers in your garden you may have an interesting issue.

Recently we noticed much fewer birds around the garden and feeding tables. We now feel this is most probably caused by a Sparrow Hawk which we have seen a few times.

Sparrow Hawks target areas where birds collect to feed by charging in to catch prey unawares. So if possible site your bird feeders out of direct line of sight, for example under trees or overhangs. A Sparrow Hawk feeding on wild birds that inhabit gardens is all part of nature. The birds are still around, just much more cautious at the moment.
Then again Sparrow Hawks are pretty impressive.. they dive and turn so quickly, just like fighter jets on a mission charging through a valley!

With the above in mind position your feeding stations ideally within easy view, if possible under a tree or a sheltered area that you can still see easily.
As a bonus you can look forward to increased birdsong in your garden in addition to the daily joy which the sights around bird tables and bird feeders inevitably bring.